Acquisition Criteria

Private Equity Real Estate

MCA Realty is an active investor seeking to acquire office and industrial properties throughout the Western United States.  MCA’s active management style allows it to target investments that require either a physical or financial reformation, or an aggressive marketing or rebranding campaign.  MCA is also actively pursuing opportunities that provide attractive “in place” yield at discounts to replacement cost.

  • Property Type – Office and Industrial, will consider Land
  • Location – Western United States
  • Size - $2 Million to $25 Million
  • Investment Type – Core Plus, Value-Add, Opportunistic

To submit an opportunity for investment, please contact Tyler Mattox at 9eafaaaf9f96afaeaea3adafaba796e5e896dbe3d7dfe296d7ea96b2d796dee8dbdcb398e3d7dfe2eae5b0eae3d7eaeae5eeb6e3d9d7a3e8dbd7e2eaefa4d9e5e398b4eae3d7eaeae5eeb6e3d9d7a3e8dbd7e2eaefa4d9e5e3b2a5d7b4 2XGsKCjl0jGmKXQyzN7aEK1REbzRBNYD caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. .